Family Engagement Liaison & Parental Resources

Below we have listed many helpful resources for families of BCPS students. These resources are designed to help Parents and Guardians navigate the BCPS Education System as well as help their child(ren) be successful throughout their academic career. 

This year, our Family Engagement Liaison, Ms. Williams-Clark, is available to provide parents and guardians hands on resources such as academic games, informative pamphlets, and computer access to even more BCPS resources. If you have questions or are interested in finding additional resources, please contact our Parent Service Coordinator.  Our FEL is a integral part of the SSES team and is here to help all SSES families with their parental resource needs.

School Progress Plan

Parent Involvement Plan

Shady Spring Vision Mission


What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program that provides financial assistance to schools in graphical areas that have been designated as economically disadvantaged. Title I funds help to bridge the potential academic gap that children in designated economically disadvantaged schools face. SSES students directly benefit from Title I funds as these funds provide additional staff, resources and technology. Please contact Ms. Williams-Clark  with any questions, or for more information regarding Title I.

Need More Information?
Contact our Family Engagement Liaison
Gabrielle Williams-Clark