Believe It Or Not I Care

The goal is to create a caring climate.

Believe It Or Not I Care About New Students

New Student Ambassadors:

  • In order to help new students to Shady Spring become acclimated to our school rules and climate, each class will designate two children (male & female) each quarter to be trained as a New Student Ambassador. 

  • The ambassadors will change quarterly.

  • Mrs. M. Harding will meet with the chosen students each quarter for a short training on how to help new students, how to introduce themselves, etc.

  • These students will be introduced to new students when they enroll and will be charged with helping the new students to adjust to their classroom, ex. Sitting with them at lunch, showing them where classes are located, and in general, to be their first new friend.

  • New Student Ambassadors will be given a button/badge to wear at school to identify themselves to others in the building.

  • A diverse group will meet monthly to create welcome packets for new students – Ms. Taylorson will lead this initiative.

Believe It Or Not I Care About People Who Are Sick and Absent From School

Caring Committee:

  • Group of students who make get well cards for students and staff with prolonged absences.

  • Cards will be mailed.

  • Cards will also be sent to neighboring schools in event of tragedy.

  • Mr. Kihn will coordinate this initiative. 

Believe It Or Not I Care About My Health

Running Club:

  • Third, fourth and fifth graders

  • 30 total – 10 from each grade level

  • Before school on Wednesdays at 8:15 AM

  • Mr. Adey will coordinate this initiative with the support of Mrs. Coletta

Believe It Or Not I Care About Seeing My Possibilities

Possibilitarian Groups:

  • Mrs. Carver started Possibilitarian Groups this year for select 4th grade girls and boys. At these group meetings she will be using a variety of resources to teach the girls and boys about goal setting, maintaining a positive outlook, and how to see the positive possibilities in themselves and others. We will also discuss their academic and behavior successes and needs.  

  • The groups are gender specific so Mrs. Carver can focus on their specific needs as they become young women and young men.

  • Mrs. Carver has also enlisted the help of a male BCPD officer, Officer Andre Smith, who will come to many of the meetings with the boys and help the boys make “real world” connections to their choices. Officer Smith has helped Mrs. Carver in previous years with other groups and the students really enjoy getting to know him.  

Believe It Or Not I Care About Being A Leader

Leadership Group

  • Mrs. Carver created this group for select 5th grade boys.The focus of this group is “Leadership.” She will be teaching them the qualities of a leader, practicing leadership skills, goal setting, brain development and executive functioning skills, and she will be challenging the boys to develop a project that will benefit the school/community that they will design and implement.

  • The group has in it young men who are already leaders or who have leadership potential

Believe It Or Not I Care About Manners

Guys with Ties & Girls with Pearls 

  • Fourth and Fifth Graders attend monthly after school meetings. Students will get ready for their future careers by learning good manners, practicing civility, and learning about topics such as basic etiquette, table manners, effective communication, how to give a speech, and etiquette rules from cultures around the world (presented by parents).They also have fun and have positive interactions with other children.

Believe It Or Not I Care About Working With Others and Being Creative

Lego Club

  • Open to Fourth Graders

  • Group is limited to 24 students

  • The purpose of the group is to build and create while meeting new people and practicing positive social skills.

  • This group is held after school on Wednesdays during the months of November and December.