About Us

School Vision Statement 

At Shady Spring Elementary School, we prepare students with the academic and interpersonal skills necessary for success in a rapidly-evolving, globally-competitive society. We believe that our students’ impact on their world increases daily. In recognition of this responsibility, we commit to providing students with a world-class, customized education – one that will enable them not only to see the world but to improve it. 


School Mission Statement 

In order to accomplish this, we will provide high-quality daily instruction that is engaging, rigorous, real-world connected, collaborative, and differentiated. We will provide all students with a safe and orderly environment in which respect and caring are our community values and celebration is our custom. Staff and students will engage in continuous inquiry in a no-fault environment of discovery learning. Parents will partner with teachers to sustain student learning at home and foster positive dialogue, goal setting and recognition of students’ success. We commit to the integrity of the classroom and school community as an example of an environment in which we work collaboratively for the welfare of all. 


School Progress Plan