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SSES Parents

This is a difficult time for the Shady Spring community.  Please use the resources below to gain a better understanding of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and ways to stay healthy:

Coronavirus (elementary friendly)

The link below is Spanish. However, the site has links to English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, and Portuguese COVID-19 resources. 
Queridas familias y educadores, He construido este libro corto para niños entre los 2 y los 7 años con el propósito anticipar y acompañar el mundo emocional infantil frente al virus COVID-19.
Here at Shady Spring Elementary, we believe that partnering with parents is vital to the academic success of our students.  We understand that the influence of parents is a key element in education.  We hope that the tools and resources offered here are helpful to you as you instill a life-long love of learning in your children.

 We offer parenting resources to help their child(ren). Parents may borrow academic games and learning manipulatives, as well as pick up informational pamphlets. 

Do you have questions or suggestions about resources to help our students and families? 
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